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Distribution Centers

Superior Customer Service

WESCO's Distribution Center system has been designed to deliver extra-effort customer service. We use sophisticated, proprietary order management systems to ensure that every customer order is handled quickly and accurately. Our team of dedicated Distribution Center associates is focused on providing sourcing and fulfillment services that exceed your expectations, and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your urgent product needs.

From Seattle to New York, Montreal to Houston, every Branch can tap into our Distribution Centers' deep inventory of more than 215,000 items and rely on accurate, same-day order fulfillment to meet their customers' needs.


High-Tech Warehousing

Our computerized warehouse operations keep products flowing quickly and accurately. Each Distribution Center is equipped with the latest technology in warehouse management, material handling, order processing, and inventory management, including state-of-the-art conveyor systems, flow-racks, RF scanners, and other advanced technology applications. Our quality, integrated system automatically scans and weighs each carton prior to shipment to ensure that the order is accurate and complete. In addition, every carton shipping directly to a customer is carefully double-checked for accuracy by a WESCO associate.

Accelerated Supply Chain

To ensure fast order turnaround, the Distribution Center procurement staff works closely with suppliers to reduce cycle times and improve product availability.

Multiple Order Methods

WESCO's Branches accept orders through a variety of methods, including fax, phone, and the Internet. Orders are often transmitted via EDI to speed delivery and lower transaction costs.

On-Demand Stock Checks

Every WESCO Branch has immediate access to the inventory stocked at any of our Distribution Centers. Customers can call, fax, or visit their local WESCO Branch for up-to-date product availability information on any of the hundreds of thousands of products we offer.



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