Educational facilities have a wide variety of spaces that each require unique considerations to maximize energy savings.


The total cost of energy in educational facilities can be more than is spent on both textbooks and computers. As much as 30% of a school district’s total energy is used inefficiently or unnecessarily. Educational facilities have a wide variety of spaces that each require unique considerations to maximize energy savings and improve usability. Classrooms and lecture halls require light levels and color temperatures that maximize student and staff performance.

Smart Building Controls allow occupancy sensing to meet on-demand lighting needs in indoor spaces, while exterior upgrades provide improved safety for students and staff. Gymnasiums and other recreational spaces require specific expertise in the light output of high ceiling spaces to provide a first-class experience for players and spectators. The experts at WESCO Energy Solutions know a successful full campus energy upgrade begins with a state-of-the-art design incorporating the latest technologies and finishes with first-class installation.  

We have successfully completed hundreds of upgrades for the educational sector resulting in better learning environments and millions of dollars in energy savings. Beyond simply updating a facility, energy-efficient technology such as solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations provide interesting data for students to analyze. Our team of industry-leading professionals works with our clients to ensure a seamless installation, often installed after hours to minimize disruption to campus activities.  

Energy-Efficient Benefits and Opportunities in Schools & Universities

  • LED lighting has been shown to positively impact achievement scores while reducing utility consumption, maintenance costs, and energy by as much as 70%. 
  • Customizable networked lighting controls offer better functionality, flexibility, and monitoring while improving safety.
  • UV disinfection, biometric screening, and bipolar ionization create a healthier environment resulting in fewer missed days of learning.
  • Water conservation measures help lower utility costs, ensure the future availability of resources, and convey a commitment to environmentally sustainable practices.
  • IoT-enabled savings platforms to help schools avoid peak demand charges by shifting usage to more desirable off-peak times, decreasing energy usage significantly, and lowering electric bills.
  • Schools’ flat roofs and daytime operations are ideal for solar panels. Paired with net metering, the school may actually be able to generate revenue from the excess energy they produce.
  • Rooftop HVAC units can be coated with products engineered to significantly extend the life span of the system, improve performance, and reduce energy consumption.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations attract students and staff committed to environmental sustainability and support electric fleet vehicles.

The right atmosphere and light can enhance the educational experience. From classrooms, libraries, administration offices, and dormitories, to auditoriums, athletic facilities, and parking lots, we can provide the right lighting and control solutions. WESCO Energy Solutions is well-positioned to help you achieve lighting and electrical goals for your facility. Let’s get the conversation going.