Lighting and occupancy controls, compressed air optimization, and power factor correction are some ways to create significant energy savings.


Energy is one of the highest costs of doing business in the industrial sector.  Industrial facilities require some of the most diverse and complex energy solutions to ensure smooth operations 24/7/365 while focusing on the safety of the occupants, lowering overhead costs, and increasing their bottom line.  Keeping industrial plants up and running is critical to a healthy supply chain. The needs of each plant are unique requiring designs that take into account temperature variations, types of activity in each work area, and the safety of the building occupants.  

Performing a thorough audit of your current energy use will help to prioritize your energy-saving strategy. Upgrading lighting, installing occupancy controls, optimizing compressed air usage, and power factor correction will create significant energy savings. Safety is atop the list of priorities. We install solutions that are highly vibrant – providing an alert and safe navigation, yet sensitively considerate to the eye.Our efficient systems allow you to easily light the areas of the building as needed and cut your energy expenses.

The tracking and monitoring of industrial spaces are extremely important. We utilize sensory technology to report the physical conditions and changes of your site or facility in real time. Our team of professionals leads the industry with experience working during first, second, or third shifts as well as installing upgrades during scheduled facility-wide maintenance shut down cycles to minimize disruption. 

Benefits of an Energy Upgrade: 

  • LED Lighting can reduce energy consumption by up to 70%, saving money while reducing accidents.
  • Compressed air optimization lowers energy costs, reduces maintenance, and makes air systems more reliable.
  • Networked controls and smart metering provide remote access to building systems and the ability to make data-driven decisions.
  • IoT-enabled savings platforms help facilities avoid peak demand charges by shifting usage to more desirable off-peak times, decreasing energy usage significantly, and lowering electric bills.
  • UV disinfection and biometric screening create a healthier working environment with fewer employee absences.
  • Water conservation measures help lower utility costs, ensure the future availability of resources, and convey a commitment to environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Customizable networked lighting controls offer better functionality, flexibility, and monitoring. 
  • Rooftop HVAC units can be coated with products engineered to significantly extend the life span of the system, improve performance, and reduce energy consumption.
  • Generating energy on-site with solar photovoltaic panels reduces utility costs and provides future-proof energy rates.

At WESCO Energy Solutions we know a successful energy upgrade begins with a state-of-the-art design incorporating the latest LED technologies and Smart Building Controls and finishes with first-class installation. WESCO has successfully completed hundreds of lighting upgrades for clients in the industrial sector resulting in millions of dollars in energy savings and a significant decrease in overhead costs.