WESCO is uniquely positioned and qualified to conquer the challenging complexities of new construction projects.

Your Reliable Lighting Partner for New Construction Projects

WESCO is uniquely positioned and qualified to conquer the challenging complexities of new construction projects, making it easier for your projects to be executed. We plot your construction schedule by location to ensure job take-offs, quotations, submittals and deliveries are completed with accuracy and efficiency. We offer solutions at every phase of construction to help you maximize the productivity of your skilled labor on a job site so you can complete the work on time and under budget.

We put our global reach to work for you, to fulfill all your logistical needs. WESCO partners with global leaders from a multitude of industries such as construction, building management, and manufacturing. Our expansive array of resources gives us the voltage needed to prepare your facility for sustained excellence in performance throughout its entirety.

Who We Serve

As one of the world’s largest electrical distributors, we have had the opportunity to partner with top professionals across a variety of industries including: Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality, Grocery, Medical/Dental Labs, Banks, Convenience Stores/Gas Stations, and Automotive Dealerships. WESCO develops a customized plan based on the specific needs and situation of each client. In developing it, a thoughtful and proven process is followed and executed.

Who we serveProject Management

  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Transaction management

Scope Development

  • Value Engineering
  • Commercial Review

Operational Execution

  • Warehouse Operations
  • Logistics

Our Solutions


Lighting has never been more advanced, and neither has our offerings. We work with industry leaders to give businesses what they need to keep up with this technology and keep you running in top form.


In different types of buildings, wiring is often subjected to ranging environmental conditions. It’s essential that the proper wire is utilized for a specific application. We closely adhere to guidelines established by the NEC to guarantee compliant installation.

Switchgear (IFS)

We combine electrical distribution equipment with high performance energy and lighting controls into a powerful IFS model. Our IFS systems provide efficient energy management that expands revenue generating space. We are able to cut electrical space requirements by up to 50%, while minimizing installation costs at the facility.

Power Poles & Floor Boxes

Our floor boxes are immensely durable and support a wide variety of commercial applications. From AV equipment set-up, to accommodating data connections, we’ll provide a versatile solution to meet the needs of any project. You can trust that our floor box systems will be highly resilient and simple to install.


Cable Tray

Cabling systems require support and proper protection. We provide cable tray in a multitude of styles and materials to support varying load ratings and aesthetics.

Safety Equipment (PPE) & Training

From disposable respirators to fall protection equipment, we offer a vast selection of essential safety products. We partner with domestic and international suppliers to effectively source the required PPE for your project.

Surveillance Camera/Security Products

Safety is atop our list of priorities and we hold a strong commitment toward providing industry leading IoT solutions to assist our clients in securing their facilities. Sensory technologies allow for real-time reporting to help monitor occupancy and increase security, while improving tracking and navigation throughout facilities.


A solar installation reduces current electricity costs and provides clean energy into the future at a predictable and stable rate.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

EV charging stations attract and retain desirable employees, tenants, and customers while increasing property value.


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