WESCO Energy Solutions partnered with the State of California, Department of General Services, Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Sustainable Solutions Turnkey (SST) team, and California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to complete a facility-wide lighting upgrade at the CPUC headquarters building. The project included updating a parking garage and interior office spaces. 

We conducted a facility-wide audit that determined a total of 4,763 fixtures that were updated to the appropriate LED fixtures. WES leveraged key manufacturers to install the best products throughout the facility.

A key focus for the upgrade was to better control the facility. WES provided a fully designed and commissioned title 24compliantadvanced control system for all interior and exterior lighting measures that can be controlled remotely. The wireless control system features time-based scheduling, occupancy control, daylight harvesting, manual override switching, and top-end tuning/dimming. WES conducted all necessary acceptance testing per CALCTP-ATT guidelines and filed forms appropriately.

The garage presented some safety issues caused by several dark areas throughout the structure, which was easily addressed by updating all the lighting to LED. The WES design team used a photometric lighting layout to establish what kind of light levels would be achieved post-retrofit to best address these dark areas. This approach allowed the light levels and distribution to be dramatically improved.


  • Energy Savings: $161,244.06
  • HVAC Savings: $7,236
  • Maintenance Savings: $18,080.31
  • Saved kwh: 810,272
  • Simple Payback: 9.85 years