WESCO Energy Solutions completed an interior and exterior lighting and controls upgrade at Cambie Secondary School in Richmond, BC. The project was in partnership with BC Hydro’s Power Smart Program and focused on energy reduction initiatives. This complete lighting and controls upgrade required the removal of existing lighting fixtures, installation of new lighting fixtures, retrofitting existing lighting fixtures, and installation of new lighting controls and associated electrical wiring. The team completed the upgrades on-time working during off-hours when school was not in session.

The project required a building-wide lighting controls upgrade to replace the obsolete full-way low voltage system. Wired and wireless solutions were used to ensure the ability for scheduling, occupancy sensing, and programming to best match each environment throughout the building including office spaces, classrooms, common areas, and gymnasiums. A highlight of the project included installing custom task lighting with temperature control options in a computer lab equipped with 3D printers. We replaced existing fixtures with enabled LED luminaries throughout the building for optimum performance with the new controls system. The team managed all recycling of removed fixtures and completed all required paperwork to be in compliance with the BC Hydro’s Power Smart Program.


  • Total Annual Savings: 168,000 kWh
  • Estimated Rebates: $29,361
  • First Year ROI: 3.9%
  • Simple Payback Period: 26 years (rebate included)
  • Annual Energy Reduction: 50.8%