WESCO Energy Solutions worked with a commercial real estate and property management company based in the northeast to complete a full facility lighting upgrade at one of their recently vacated properties. The property owner, with more than 100+ properties across nine states, is committed to implementing environmentally friendly technologies across their portfolio.

In order to attract new tenants, the existing lighting system required a much-needed upgrade to fit a more uniform design. The interior of the site had both fluorescents and HID light sources in a scattered arrangement to accommodate the previous tenant’s racking layout. In addition to poor uniformity, the illumination was below recommended levels and emergency egress lighting was inconsistent and inoperable. The exterior consisted of both building-mounted and pole lighting used to illuminate parking areas with an assortment of fixture types.


  • Used photometric modeling to calculate exactly how many lights were needed and their placement to meet the required illumination levels.
  • Redesigned the exterior and egress lighting to meet NFPA requirements.
  • Performed a complete re-grid, removed redundant lighting, and consolidated all the circuits to one breaker box.
  • Equipped each interior fixture with individual occupancy control technology.
  • Specified exterior fixtures with photocell sensors.
  • Secured thousands of dollars in rebates for the project, which was immediately deducted from the project cost.


  • The property was leased IMMEDIATELY after the project was executed.
  • Reduced the number of fixtures from 700 to 200
  • Egress lighting is now up to code.
  • Additional energy savings of at least 30% from control installation.
  • Illumination is now uniform, and the light levels meet code.
  • Pole-mounted lights were eliminated.
  • Payback: Under 3 years
  • Annual Energy Savings: $33.6K
  • Annual Energy Reduction: 80%