WESCO Energy Solutions completed a lighting retrofit at a Level II all-male correctional facility located in central California. The facility is comprised of several open dorm buildings and converted gymnasiums. Our full-service team maintains current State required credentials to work within correctional facilities as well as stays up-to-date on the latest technologies to provide future-proof solutions. 

We performed a full facility audit and designed a lighting solution to meet the guidelines provided by the facility to lower costs and increase safety.

  • Provided LED retrofit options to various interior fixtures
  • Replaced interior fixtures with an LED option where a retrofit kit was not an option
  • Replaced exterior high-pressure sodium high mast fixtures
    with LED
  • Replaced exterior high-pressure sodium perimeter pole
    fixtures with LED and equipped existing polearms with anti-perching devices
  • Replaced exterior metal halide and high-pressure sodium fixtures with LED


  • Interior Fixtures Replaced: 1,629
  • Exterior Fixtures Replaced: 1,249
  • Estimated Energy Cost Savings (YR): $387,482.00
  • Estimated Utility Rebate: $172,642.45
  • Estimated Payback:  3.15 years