WESCO Energy Solutions completed a lighting upgrade for the South Dakota Mines Athletics Department. The upgrade focused on the Goodell Gymnasium at the King Center located in Rapid City. The project focused on creating a better lighting environment for the gymnasium while providing environmental benefits and annual cost savings.

The team removed seventy-two 4-Lamp T5HO fixtures and twenty 6-Lamp T5HO fixtures and replaced them with ninety-two 105W LED fixtures. Based on the design and renderings provided by WES, the color temperature of the lamps was changed from 3500k to 5000k and the foot candles were increased by 38% to improve visibility and provide for a more modern feel to the space.


  • Total Annual Savings: $7,413
  • Estimated Rebates: $25,000
  • First Year ROI: 22%
  • Simple Payback Period: 4.6 years
  • Annual Energy Reduction: 66,278 kWh