WESCO Energy Solutions completed a full facility lighting retrofit for a mid-west regional hospital and adjoining assisted living space. The key focus was to reduce future energy spend with a goal of an estimated 10-year savings of $800,000. The lighting upgrade needed to address staff and patient safety while being completed during normal operation hours. Our team worked closely with the customer to minimize disruption to the staff and patients during installation while ensuring the final project results would improve the overall experience at both facilities.

Design a custom turnkey lighting solution focused on reducing lighting utility spend and lowering future maintenance costs.

  • Full project management from planning to implementation
  • Replace interior and exterior lighting with LED
  • Reduce lighting usage by 58%
  • Leverage available utility program incentives for best ROI
  • Increase safety and aesthetics of the facilities


  • Energy Saved (kWh): 712,429
  • Total Annual Energy Savings: $48,801
  • Annual Maintenance Savings: $59,574
  • Total Estimated Annual Savings: $108,972
  • First Year ROI: 38%
  • Simple Payback: 2.64 years