WESCO Energy Solutions completed a multisite lighting upgrade for a regional community-focused healthcare system with locations throughout Pennsylvania. The project included upgrading interior and exterior areas, including walkways and parking garages at five (5) regional hospitals. The team worked to design solutions that would help lower energy usage at each location and create a welcoming and safer environment for patients and staff.

The team designed custom turnkey lighting upgrades specific to each of the five hospital’s needs and specifications. Complete project management was provided for all locations to ensure there were no disruptions to day-to-day hospital operations and each installation stayed on schedule.

  • Performed audits at each of the five (5) hospitals
  • Designed custom turnkey lighting solutions specific to each of the four hospital’s needs and specifications
  • Recommended the best products to replace interior & exterior lighting with LED upgrades


  • Energy Saved (kWh): 4,575,213
  • Total Estimated Annual Savings: $402,618
  • First Year ROI: 34%
  • Simple Payback: 2.93 yrs.