The Richard A. McGee Correctional Training Center has been preparing correctional officer candidates since its inception in 1983. The only training facility for the California Department of Corrections, the center provides a 12-week formal, comprehensive program for cadets looking to become  Correctional Officers.  This college-like campus spans over 40 acres.

In an effort to improve energy conservation measures at the Training Center, a request for proposal was released by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation  (CDCR) and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).  WESCO Energy Solutions responded and was selected as the contractor of choice for the lighting portion of the project, which was completed in conjunction with a new 125-ton chiller upgrade.

By utilizing low-wattage fluorescent lamps with high-efficiency electronic ballasts, LED lamps, LED fixtures, and occupancy sensors, WESCO Energy Solutions was able to easily meet the CDCR and SMUD goals of decreased energy consumption, improved light levels, and standardized inventory.  The installation included:

This comprehensive, facility-wide upgrade involved a variety of buildings to include classrooms, dormitories, hotels, gymnasiums, dining halls, mechanical shops, warehouses, and exteriors.

  • Preformed an investment-grade audit
  • Completed lighting & controls specification
  • Replaced approximately 4,900 T12 & T8 lamps with 28-watt long-life fluorescent lamps
  • Upgraded 2,100 existing T12 & T8 ballasts with high-efficiency electronic ballasts
  • Replaced 300 existing wall switches with wireless occupancy sensors
  • Upgraded over 400 incandescent and HID fixtures with LED fixtures


  • Annual Energy Savings: $74,939
  • Annual Maintenance Savings: $24,815
  • Energy savings per year: 599,509 (kWh)s