WESCO Energy Solutions worked with the Real Estate Management division of a southern state to install new energy-efficient lighting systems with advanced control technologies in several government buildings. The largest of the projects included a publicly owned building consisting of 30 floors with more than 2,100 occupants. Since the building did not have a central energy plant, lighting accounted for up to 40 percent of the building’s electric bill. The upgrade was focused on reducing lighting consumption by 60 to 80 percent.

Our team worked closely with the Real Estate Management division to ensure that the integrity and aesthetics of the building were maintained, and the final install would deliver the maximum return on investment. The scope of work included a custom design to illuminate the building’s portico, which had been dark for more than 30 years.

The project focused on upgrading to LED and leveraging available control technologies to provide flexibility in commissioning and re-commissioning the system to meet different lighting needs as space requirements change. The system was designed to utilize; daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, time scheduling for lighting on/off actions, and energy reporting functionality to provide even more savings.  The occupancy sensors allowed unoccupied interior offices to have the lighting turned off and open office areas to dim in three different zones based upon occupancy, daylight levels, and time of day.


  • Annual Lighting Energy Savings: $335,239
  • New LED fixtures installed: 10,200
  • Retrofit fixtures: 1,300
  • Annual Energy Reduction: 3,352,392 KWh
  • Annual Usage Reduction: 92%