A series of local meetings in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, a 150-year-old community northwest of Philadelphia, identified improved street lighting as a top priority. In addition to improving the quality of their lighting, they also hoped that converting to LED street lights would substantially reduce operating costs.

West Conshohocken officials selected and began working with WESCO Lighting to develop a set of LED street lighting solutions for an 11.2-mile stretch of road. Using its state-of-the-art technology, WESCO Lighting was able to provide the full range of services needed – from audit-to-installation. The company’s customizable portal allowed access to each light, geotagged on the map along with all data, including photos.

“(Their) impressive audit technology, street lighting expertise, and streamlined procurement were invaluable in helping us to achieve our upgrade goals,” said Mike English, West Conshohocken Borough Manager. The existing lighting infrastructure consisting of 158 mercury vapor and high-pressure sodium lamps were replaced with new cobra head LED lamps that produce a cleaner light and 4000K color temperature.

The new lighting upgrade from WESCO Lighting offered improved visibility on the road and increased the sense of safety on residential sidewalks. Following the upgrade, other benefits were quickly realized as well. The community’s operating cost and carbon footprint were both reduced dramatically.