WESCO Energy Solutions worked with the World’s Fair Exhibition Hall (WFEH), owned by the City of Knoxville and managed by SMG, in February of 2019 to facilitate a complete lighting retrofit. The 85,000 sq. ft. facility was originally built to host the 1982 World's Fair and had not undergone any major lighting upgrades since that time. It was due for a full lighting retrofit in order to reduce their operating and maintenance costs, as well as drastically improve their lighting by using LEDs.

The WFEH is host to a mix of events throughout the year from exhibits to sports competitions, therefore needing a lighting and controls solution that would be conducive to this multipurpose use. Replacement fixtures needed to be able to withstand accidental ball contact and ensure high energy-efficiency.

Project Scope:

  • Audit facility & source replacement fixtures
  • Ensure installation during facility dark days
  • Improve energy savings
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increase facilities overall light quality
  • Maximize ROI with a simple payback


  • Save 221,348 kWh annually on energy usage
  • Energy Savings: $20,585
  • Total Annual Savings: $22,959
  • 10-year Lifecycle cumulative Utility Savings: $222,527
  • First Year ROI: 58%
  • Simple payback period: 1.7 years