Lighting Retrofit Software

Lighting Retrofit Software

ecoInsight combines the flexibility and mobility of tablet-based lighting audit software with the power and security of a collaborative, cloud-based lighting specification platform.


The Interactive Floor Plan offers a unique “Pin It” feature on the lighting audit application that allows an auditor to visually identify areas and provide existing lighting fixture and area data on a map.

Take the guesswork out of wattage calculations using the guided search feature of the Intuitive Fixture Wizard. Using this tool with existing lighting fixtures, the fixture wizard calculates the formula needed to choose the right fixture for the lighting project.

Capture all required attributes using the Comprehensive Audit Checker which incorporates a reverse filter at the end of the audit process to scan and ensure all attributes are input.

The Seamless Audit Project Team Support offers the ability for multiple auditors to feed lighting audit data into a single project. This feature is perfect for large campus, multiple building and ESCO style projects!


Enjoy access to extensive product data through our data engine of 300+ manufacturers and their product lines. Use this data to generate a compelling accurate financial and energy savings for your customer.


Easily configure your proposal template to highlight your industry knowledge and differentiate from the competition. Compare up to three proposals in a  single format and generate a dynamic submittal package.



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