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A smart parking facility incorporates technology, safety and security for every environment in which people gather for work, recreation and how they go about their lives. With more than a billion passenger cars in operation, parking needs have gone from a consideration to a necessity.

When it comes to parking facilities, there are numerous factors to be examined. How are safety, security, and facility access being addressed? How are proper lighting and communications ensured? How do we enable IoT in these remote environments? How is data leveraged to optimize operations and maximize value?

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Smarter Parking Solutions

Wesco can help to optimize your parking facilities by providing the innovation and creative approaches to operate a safe, secure and state-of-the-art parking environment.

This can include: access control, cameras, digital signage, emergency call stations, extended-distance network infrastructure, intercom and paging, kiosks, occupancy sensors, power solutions for EV charging and solar, security gates, smart lighting and wireless connectivity.

Secure, Safe and Efficient

Our customer-centered approach to parking facilities solutions is designed to ensure the security, safety and efficiencies that modern lots and structures require and drivers demand.

With 100 years of insight, we help transform parking facilities into value-added spaces for your business. By enhancing infrastructure efficiency, improving safety protocols and connecting integrated security systems, we can offer a variety of services and solutions to meet your unique needs.

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