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For retailers, time and space are money. Whether you’re opening new stores or upgrading your existing infrastructure, Wesco delivers tangible solutions that transform the way you do business.  

Power Your Retail Business

Our innovative supply chain programs are tailored for your specific requirements to improve the supply chain process from start to finish, allow you to standardize multisite projects and deliver the right products at the right time. Our services help to minimize disruptions in your retail space and allow you to do what’s important: service your customers. 

Supply Chain Programs and Installation Enhancement Services

We have supply chain programs that can lower your costs, including:

  • Cable Bundling
  • Camera Assembly and IP Address Loading
  • Cut-to-Length Cable
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Delivery
  • Kitting
  • Labeling, Phase Taping, Printing, Dye and Striping
  • Preassembly
  • Preinstalled Pulling Eyes for Cable
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Leveraging Collective Spend

With global expertise and local presence, Wesco is your partner for data center solutions at your corporate headquarters, networking infrastructure solutions in your retail branches or security solutions within your distribution centers. From immediate needs to long-term goals, Wesco is your partner for networking, data center, electrical infrastructure and security product needs.

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Connected and Smart in the Retail Space

Regardless of whether retailers are migrating analog systems or building new future-proof networks, you can be positioned for successful deployments with a network ready for additional environments and devices such as:

  • Access control systems for heightened security, health safety and staff monitoring.
  • Video surveillance for retail spaces, the building perimeter, parking lot and larger areas such as distribution centers.

Custom, Compact and Cost-Effective Solutions

A trusted leader in the design and integration of electrical distribution equipment, Wesco retail and commercial offers first-class technical expertise, supply chain services, value and overall profitability to clients in the retail and restaurant marketplace. We design tailor-made, scalable electrical systems that save space and reduce labor costs. These solutions are factory assembled, ready for installation and shipped directly to the job site.

Minimize space,
maximize savings

Wesco retail and commercial designs and integrates electrical distribution equipment, low voltage, and data assemblies, as well as energy management and lighting control systems into a single integrated facility systems (IFS) assembly.

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A Consultative Process From Concept to Completion

Our strategy is simple. Our dedicated team of professionals will work consultatively with you to identify, design and deliver the optimal integrated facility system assembly.

Solution Development

During your consultation, Wesco retail and commercial will evaluate project specifications and requirements. Next, our engineering team will propose a fully-complete and customized solution based on your needs.

Supply Chain Customization

Once a system has been determined, the Wesco team will align with your current purchasing processes suitable for your business and coordinate delivery where and when you want the product.

Continuous Partnership

After delivery, customer service and satisfaction remains our top priority. Wesco retail and commercial will continue to explore and recommend additional value-engineering solutions to ensure the value of your investment.

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The Benefits and Savings

Investing in the right IFS solution for your needs allows you to reduce electrical installation costs, save valuable space, maintain consistency from site to site and reduce energy consumption.

Our integrated facility solutions minimize variable job site labor costs through stringent manufacturing processes in a controlled factory environment. We use cutting-edge technologies such as EMS, lighting controls and dimmer systems to help you achieve your energy savings goals.

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