Wesco offers industry-leading construction expertise and value-added services to successfully manage the most complex and demanding construction schedules.

With timelines and margins under increasing pressure, completing projects on-time and on-budget requires new approaches. Our solutions can help you improve project execution and achieve your business goals.

Project Execution

Every stakeholder in the construction process has an incentive to get the project done faster and at a lower cost. You and your team work hard, but with skilled labor shortages, supply uncertainties and the increase of demand for electrification and connectivity, how can you position your team to better compete and grow?

Wesco offers solutions that can help you excel at project execution, minimize risk and optimize cashflow, better compete, increase profit margins and capitalize on growth opportunities. Leverage our construction expertise, local support, vast portfolio product and labor-saving solutions to help you exceed your project goals and grow.

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Safer Workplace

We understand that safety is fundamental to everything you do and have solutions that could help you reduce injury risks and improve employee safety.

Protecting your most valuable assets is a priority. Your safety program and associated Experience Modification Rate (EMR) can help you to:

  • Reduce injuries and associated paid time-off and workers’ compensation claims.
  • Increase productivity and meet deadlines.
  • Better compete and increase profit margins.

Solutions for the Construction Industry

Our solutions can help you improve project execution and achieve your business goals. When it all comes together, Wesco’s industry-leading services and labor savings solutions give you the peace of mind that you are leveraging a leader in the electrical distribution space with nearly 100 years of experience. 

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Your Installation Enhancement Service Provider

From cutting wire to DOA testing and firmware updates, Wesco’s installation enhancement services keep your projects on time and the manufacturing facility running smoothly.

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