Industrial and Manufacturing

The industrial manufacturing industry ranges from raw materials to assembly lines producing finished goods. Wesco has solutions for the challenges of advanced manufacturing processes. We help manufacturing firms master the complexity of producing goods on a large scale.

Oil and Gas

The demand to effectively manage upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas services is greater than ever. Wesco provides proven, customized solutions to help you achieve process improvements, workplace safety and efficiency as you maximize ROI across your operation.

Oil and gas refinery

Open mine aerial view

Mining and Metals

Mining customers and the metals manufacturing sector must overcome complex site challenges. Whether you operate locally or globally, Wesco’s products and services can help optimize production processes and maximize manufacturing output. We deliver innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies to help you manage digital transformation, supply chain challenges and sustainability goals.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

OEMs are facing increased pressure to maintain margins and timeliness. Supply chain volatility and the increasing pace of disruptive technologies complicate operations, forcing organizations to become more resilient and agile. Wesco has the global scale and specialized teams to transform the way you do business. We'll help you keep operations running smoothly to give you a competitive advantage.

Manufacturing Floor Bright

Industrial consumer packaging facility

Consumer Packaged Goods

Modern manufacturing facilities face the challenge of fluctuating marketplaces and changing consumer behaviors. Rising costs and the increased focus on sustainable solutions add to the complexity. Wesco's supply chain solutions can help you navigate and solve the most difficult challenges of mass production to improve your profit margins. 

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