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To thrive in volatile and unpredictable market environments, consumer packaged goods manufacturers need a strategic partner to help them build operational efficiencies and resiliency. Wesco provides proven and customized solutions to help you achieve process improvements, workplace safety and efficiency, and maximum ROI across your operations.

CPG Supply Chain and Facility Solutions

Wesco’s robust portfolio of products and services enables consumer packaged goods manufacturing companies to meet operational goals and consumer demand. We deliver these innovative solutions on time and on budget.

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Maintenance, Repair, and Operations

Consistent and timely acquisition of the right parts, components, and materials can often mean the difference between seamless operation and costly shutdowns and delays. By streamlining your vendor and materials management, you can save time, reduce costs, and ensure your production lines continue to run smoothly and safely. Wesco’s team of sourcing and procurement experts work diligently to source the right industrial maintenance supplies and proactively manage tail spend. Our suite of digital tools provides full visibility of your materials inventory, helping you realize supply chain efficiencies and maintain profitable factory operations.

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Food and beverage processing plants, along with other consumer packaged goods manufacturing facilities, face unique and dynamic safety challenges. Washdowns, personal protective equipment, and sanitization stations are only a small part of a robust safety plan. Developing an effective safety program and maintaining consistent access to safety supplies is paramount to your operation’s success. Wesco offers comprehensive and customizable safety solutions specifically designed for food and beverage and consumer packaged goods environments. From training to safety gear, we help you protect your workforce, improve productivity, mitigate risk, and increase profitability.

Automated packaging facility with LED lighting
Renewables and Lighting

Consumer packaged goods manufacturing facilities are challenged by nuanced operating environments that require high visibility and robust engineering. Washdown areas, for example, present unique challenges due to the harsh nature of the environment. Wesco’s lighting experts can conduct a site assessment and design a customized turnkey or sustainable LED solution that works for your facility. Our comprehensive lighting solutions help increase energy efficiency, improve worker safety, reduce operating costs, and ensure safer interior and exterior environments.

Automated food packaging facility
Automation and IoT

Creating a connected environment that delivers actionable data is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage in the consumer packaged goods market. Digital evolution demands existing and emerging technologies collect the necessary data to drive better outcomes. Wesco can help you to identify, capture and leverage the vast amount of data that exists across your operation’s automation systems to help you more easily meet your business goals. Enhance your operations through streamlined processes, cost management, and preventative maintenance with our automation and connectivity service solutions.

Male technician inspecting cables
Wire and Cable

Running wire and cable to new sites and processing facilities can be costly and labor intensive. From sourcing and procurement to logistics and storage, Wesco has the presence and expertise to navigate your wire and cable distribution challenges. Our solutions help you maintain continuous factory operations, reduce labor requirements, and reduce downtime.

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Consumer packaged goods companies are committed to meeting sustainability goals across all levels of operation. Our turnkey energy solutions are designed to help advance your organization’s sustainability metrics. 

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Unmatched Global Solutions

Global consumer packaged goods companies must address evolving health and safety concerns, skilled labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and other market complexities. Wesco has the global presence, agility, and expertise to navigate these challenges for you.

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Solutions for Your Supply Chain Challenges

From materials management to integrated supply, Wesco delivers innovative thinking to solve the important supply chain challenges facing the consumer packaged goods industry. 

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