Mining and Metals

To meet evolving digital transformation, safety and sustainability goals, mining customers and metals manufacturers require expert partners with proven solutions for their facilities.

Harnessing our vast distribution network, Wesco delivers mining solutions on time and on budget. 

 Wesco delivers innovative safety solutions and cutting-edge technologies to address your most complex site challenges. Whether you operate locally or globally, our expansive portfolio of products and services can help you adapt to changing environments and maximize operational efficiencies.

Mining Automation and IoT

By leveraging Wesco’s significant investment in standardized data enablement, automation and analytics, mining and metals customers can more easily meet their business goals. Networked communications provide real-time data and analytics to improve awareness of potential dangers. We connect you to predictive maintenance, smart devices and remote access technologies to protect employees and equipment in high-risk locations. Our IoT solutions for mining and metals production environments help you maximize uptime, maintain safe operations, improve processes and manage costs.

MRO Support

Wesco understands that critical spare parts are essential to maintaining production at your mining and metals manufacturing site. We offer streamlined vendor and materials management for your MRO needs, saving you time and money. Whether you require backup lighting for your mine or electrical components for your specialized equipment, we manage the distribution of these critical products to keep your operations running smoothly.

Safety Management

Wesco’s robust safety product portfolio for mining and metals manufacturing environments helps you protect employees and mitigate risks. Whether you’re operating a mine site or production facility, location-based technologies help route employees to safety in emergency situations and reduce rescue time. We also offer à la carte or bundled PPE solutions - including respirators and fall protection systems - to keep workers safe in hazardous environments.

Wire and Cable Solutions

We source specialized wire and cable products that help you maintain continuous production in all mining and metals manufacturing environments. From our INSTA-REEL underground transport cable solution to lighted cable systems for post-installation visibility, our solutions are designed to perform in all underground and surface conditions.

Lighting and Renewables for Industrial Environments

Increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs with Wesco’s turnkey lighting, renewable energy and carbon capture solutions. Our lighting experts can survey your mine site and design LED solutions that reduce energy consumption. In addition, we offer solar and other clean energy solutions and can assist with the electrification of your mining and metals manufacturing equipment.

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Achieve a Competitive Advantage with Wesco’s Value-Added Services

Our proven value-added services help mining and metals companies maximize productivity and minimize waste. Through partnerships with our supplier experts, we identify improvement opportunities within your operations.

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Solutions for Your Supply Chain Challenges

From electrical and lighting to communications and networking, Wesco solves supply chain challenges in the global mining and metals sector through innovation and expertise.

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Shutdown Solutions

Successful shutdown management is critical to maintaining a safe mining environment and minimizing costs. Our supply chain and project management experts implement solutions tailored to support each stage of the project.

Wesco Success Story

Mining Company Improves Safety and Efficiency With INSTA-REEL

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Unmatched Global Capabilities

Through collaboration and innovation, our global team creates impactful solutions for some of the world’s largest mining and metals manufacturing companies. Working together, we deliver ingenuity to advance our world.

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