Today, the demand for effectively managing upstream, midstream, or downstream oil and gas exploration services are greater than ever. This is why some of the largest petrochemical companies rely on Wesco to keep their operations running smoothly and profitable.

Oil and Gas Exploration Solutions

Wesco provides proven, customized solutions to help you achieve process improvements, workplace safety and efficiency, and maximum ROI across all your operations. The petrochemical industry needs a robust offering that provides access to a wide range of products and services. Wesco delivers these solutions on time and on budget.

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Automation and IoT

Companies looking to compete in the petrochemical industry know that creating a connected environment that delivers actionable data is no longer optional. Petroleum data management software and industrial AI tools help streamline complex field operations. Digital evolution demands existing and emerging technologies collect the necessary data to drive better outcomes.  Wesco can help you to identify, capture and leverage the vast amount of data that exist across your operation’s automation systems to help you more easily meet your business goals.

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Oil and gas drilling and servicing operations present unique and dynamic safety challenges. High pressure lines, explosions, falls, confined spaces, and electrical hazards are just a few of the specific hazards that need to be controlled to prevent serious injuries or death. Developing the right safety programs and maintaining consistent access to safety supplies is paramount to your operation’s success.  

Wesco offers comprehensive and customizable safety solutions, specifically designed for the oil and gas sector, to help you improve productivity, increase profitability, and mitigate risk.

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Renewables and Lighting

Refineries and dig sites are challenged by nuanced and highly technical operating environments that require high visibility and robust engineering.  Our complete, turnkey lighting solutions will help your operation increase energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, and ensure safer interior and exterior environments.

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Maintenance, Repair and Operations

Consistent and timely acquisition of the right parts, components, and materials, from upstream to downstream, can often mean the difference between seamless operation and costly shutdowns and delays. Wesco’s sourcing and procurement experts work diligently to source the right supplies, proactively manage tail spend, and keep your facilities and dig sites running smoothly.  

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Wire and Cable

Running wire and cable to new exploration sites, dig locations, and processing facilities can be costly and labor intensive.  Maintain continuous production, reduce labor requirements, and reduce downtime with our wire and cable solutions for DIV I and DIV II hazardous environments.

Wesco provides responsible solutions that support our customers’ growth and operational excellence. We do our part to protect the planet through our own corporate sustainability initiatives and by delivering world-class sustainability solutions for our customers.

Keep your operations up and running smoothly with industrial services

Wesco is helping oil and gas customers with prototype phase to final development through collaborative engineering, design and supply chain solutions, and to meet industry standards and certifications. Our proven industrial services help ensure your petrochemical operations remain up and running, while saving time and reducing costs.

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Solutions for Your Supply Chain Challenges

From electrical and lighting to communications and networking, see how Wesco is committed to continually delivering innovative thinking to solve the oil and gas companies most important supply chain challenges. 

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Turnaround Solutions

Successfully managing your turnaround is critical to maintaining a safe environment while optimizing operational performance. Our supply chain and project management experts provide proven and customized solutions to support you at each stage of the project.

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Oil and Gas Customer Saves Time and Money through Materials Management and Safety Program

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Unmatched Global Capabilities

Our collaborative program teams enable the creation of impactful solutions for some of the largest global oil and gas companies. Working together, we deliver solutions that advance our world. 

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