When it comes to your industrial business needs, Wesco offers unrivaled access to the brands, value-added solutions, customer service and the follow-up you want and deserve. Wesco delivers what you need, when and where you need it.

Industrial Value-Added Services

As the nation’s largest provider of integrated supply services with a dedicated team of experts from a variety of industries such as oil and gas, mining and manufacturing, Wesco provides more than just products. We deliver a variety of solutions that support your most complex and important projects while addressing your industrial business concerns, making Wesco your most efficient and effective resource.

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Wire and Cable

Our wire and cable specialists provide technical support and leverage relationships to mitigate pricing volatility. Their industrial market expertise keeps plant operations up and running in a cost-effective manner, helping your bottom line by providing a technical resource not commonly found in electrical distribution.

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Project Material Management

Wesco can help you save time, reduce costs and increase productivity with material management solutions for your projects and remote job sites.

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Assembled Solutions

Wesco assembly provides a highly flexible, customized approach to help you overcome complex challenges, reduce costs, increase efficiency and achieve full potential for every project.

Kitting and Prefabrication Services

Kitting and prefabrication of components for your plant can reduce operational and transactional costs while increasing productivity. We enable your workforce to focus on core functions and quickly repair vital production machinery.

Lean Services

Increase flow efficiency in your industrial operation with a Lean assessment. Our experts evaluate your process, work station layout and warehouse and storeroom layout. We then use Lean principles to enhance your storage capability, optimize inventory levels and establish ideal replenishment points.

Environmental, Health and Safety

Wesco can help you manage your plant’s energy footprint while also achieving financial goals. Our environmental services include a detailed analysis of current energy use, improved procurement of energy and increased efficiency to reduce lighting and maintenance costs. Our health and safety services include an assessment of key health and safety practices and improvement recommendations.

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Critical Asset Management

Engineering services can improve the efficiency and longevity of your business equipment to help you realize the greatest ROI from your investment. Wesco helps plant managers maintain the highest rate of uptime possible by extending the life of existing systems and identifying system design improvements.

eCommerce and Online Procurement

eCommerce solutions deliver labor savings, transaction cost reductions, cycle time savings and productivity improvement. By providing 24/7 access to our eCommerce websites, you can place orders, check product availability, access customer specific pricing, create requests for quotes and view enriched product information at your convenience.

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Wesco Success Story

Streamlined Supply Chain Solutions for Heavy Industrial Manufacturing Plant

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March 26, 2022
As every company grows, they’ll find standards their clients and customers expect—or need to meet—aren’t always the same. These different standards can make it impossible to source key assets efficiently. That’s why it’s important to understand the applicable standards, so you can evaluate options for streamlined sourcing.


October 25, 2021
Manufacturing facilities are becoming more connected, and the associated benefits are limitless – from becoming more agile and competitive in the market, to maximizing efficiency, reducing costs, or monetizing data. It’s becoming clear that implementing smart manufacturing best practices is no longer a choice but a necessity for survival.


October 22, 2021
VFDs are critical in today’s environment to ensure an efficient manufacturing process. They are used to control the frequency and voltage of an AC motor and yield additional performance and energy savings. Many operations professionals depend on them to regulate nearly every motor in a facility – sometimes hundreds of motors!

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Wesco is Your Manufacturing Partner

We can assist with streamlining your direct and indirect materials management with our portfolio of products and digital solutions, to enable safer, more efficient production environments.

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