Industrial manufacturers need solutions-oriented supply chain partners who help optimize direct and indirect spend. From assistance with product specifications, sustainability initiatives, MRO spend rationalization, to global capabilities, we provide the expertise and technical know-how that drive efficiencies to your bottom line.  

Maximizing Productivity

Whether you’re managing a plant floor or a production line, maximizing efficiency is always a priority. With skilled labor shortages and new safety protocols impacting production, a solutions-orientated supply chain partner can help. We can assist with streamlining your direct and indirect materials management with our portfolio of products and digital solutions, to enable safer, more efficient production environments.

Save time, maximize productivity, reduce costs and mitigate risk with our customized services. We can help you with Advisory Services, Installation Enhancement, Project Deployment, Supply Chain Programs, Financial Services and more.

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Offering Leading Technology and Support Services

We believe that innovation can drive better business insights and processes for agile decision-making, improved performance, seamless compliance and help deliver stronger outcomes across your organization.

Our Technology & Support Services (TSS) group partners with customers to offer technical insight and expert advice to define innovative solutions and services that meet current and future business needs. Wesco can help you:

  • Gain insight to keep pace with emerging technologies
  • Align business goals with technology solution roadmaps for digital transformation
  • Supplement in-house engineer resources and fill technology knowledge gaps
  • Support your complex projects around the world
  • Drive interoperability
  • Benefit from freedom of choice and scalability

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Unmatched Global Capabilities​

Your global operations can present a wide variety of challenges, regardless of your market or business objectives. We embrace the unique skills, breadth of experience and diversity of insights that enable us to harness a global network of experts to help you succeed on a local, national and global scale.​

Ingenuity stems from teamwork. Our collaborative teams enable the creation of impactful solutions for some of the largest global oil and gas, mining and manufacturing companies. Working together, we deliver solutions that​ advance our world. 

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Protecting an Industrial Manufacturer from Cyberattacks

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March 26, 2022
As every company grows, they’ll find standards their clients and customers expect—or need to meet—aren’t always the same. These different standards can make it impossible to source key assets efficiently. That’s why it’s important to understand the applicable standards, so you can evaluate options for streamlined sourcing.


February 3, 2022
In the highly competitive, fast-paced manufacturing marketplace of today, time is money. In fact, for manufacturers in the auto industry, downtime can cost $22,000-$50,000 per minute.


October 17, 2021
A plant turnaround, or shutdown, is a scheduled stoppage of all or part of a plant’s operations. The reasons for a turnaround range from maintenance, to repair or replacement of capital equipment, safety upgrades, lighting and energy upgrades or even regulatory compliance.

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Wesco is Your Industrial Partner

Wesco delivers a variety of solutions that support your most complex and important projects while addressing your industrial business concerns.

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