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Wesco is positioned to support the future growth of several new energy-related platforms by delivering smart technology solutions to utility networks and communities. We are the distributor of choice for utilities, contractors, and EPCs seeking full project scope and streamlined material management solutions for renewable energy projects.  

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Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Wesco provides turnkey meter infrastructure upgrade services across a wide spectrum of metering solutions, suppliers, and scopes of work. We leverage our nationwide resources including metering experts and local support personnel to service utilities of all sizes across North America. We have the proven experience to assume project management and project execution related to metering infrastructure upgrades.

Solutions include:

  • Real-time work management system
  • Project management and detailed reporting
  • Skilled field labor
  • Meter warehousing, recycling, and disposal
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Distributed generation wind turbines renewable energy

Distributed Generation

Wesco distributed generation resources enable utilities to combine a variety of technologies such as solar, wind, natural gas, and hydro generation into a single controlled network. This can help support the delivery of clean, reliable power to additional customers, and reduce electricity losses along transmission and distribution lines.

Solutions include:

  • Deliver decentralized, modular, and flexible designs
  • Build network control centers
  • Provide emergency generation, battery storage, and backup options for energy security and resilience

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles help increase energy security, improve fuel economy, lower fuel costs, and reduce emissions. Wesco is helping utilities and municipalities meet the demand for charging infrastructure and equipment support this rapidly expanding market.

Solutions include:

  • Wide selection of charging units
  • Design of networks and storage
  • Assistance for grant writing and local, state, or national incentive programs
  • Software for network monitoring and load balance
Electric vehicle charging

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Integrated Smart Poles

Wesco integrated smart pole solutions enable real-time communications, environmental monitoring, security integration, network connectivity, efficient and smart lighting and more. Increase efficiency while reducing energy costs.

Solutions include:

  • Enhanced communication, video, audio, and security in communities
  • Network technology including broadband, wireless, and 5G
  • IoT technologies
  • Smart lighting
  • Network analytics
  • Enhanced control and monitoring capabilities for utilities and municipalities


Wesco offers robust light solutions for utility applications including options for facility, outdoor, street and venue lighting.

Solutions include:

  • Lighting Certified Professionals to oversee complete project scope, including simple and investment grade audits, financial modeling, photometric design, and project management
  • Support in identifying rebates, tax incentives, and financing options, in cooperation with the Wesco Energy Services team (WES)

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Physical and Cyber Security Infrastructure

Organizations responsible for building and maintaining critical infrastructures face the challenge of securing their facilities from cyber and physical risks. Wesco understands the defense-in-depth approach to meet the challenges a utility faces. We are dedicated to keeping customers current on the latest products, applications, standards and emerging technologies.

Solutions include:

  • Video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, and industrial networking systems to protect people and assets
  • Electrical and electronic wire and cable used for power and control in substation and generation plants
  • Industrial communication products for utility environments

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Wesco is a trusted resource for renewable energy solutions such as solar and wind integration that provide clean, inexhaustible and increasingly completive energy.

Solutions include:

  • Design services to leverage distributed energy power plants
  • Expertise and product recommendation for solar, storage, and generator integration
  • Cost savings analysis for infrastructure upgrades
  • Roadmap assistance for green initiatives and goals set by utilizes and communities

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Smart Grid

The electric utility grid is steadily evolving due to increasing power demands, advancements in technology and the growing need to make data-driven decisions. Grids enabled with smart technology are more resilient than ever before, enabling utilities to better prevent, detect, and absorb disruptive events. Wesco can help utilities reduce costs, address sustainability requirements, enhance focus on core competencies, and stay competitive in the marketplace.

Solutions include:

  • Project planning
  • Meter installations and upgrades
  • Fiber deployment
  • Material kitting and staging
  • Physical and cybersecurity

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