Using Existing Technology to Prevent Cyberattacks

Innovation is about creating new opportunities, both from the current ecosystem that an organization operates in and the horizontal and vertical markets that the organization impacts.

If you thought cybersecurity couldn’t become more of a priority, think again. Belligerent nation-states and other bad actors are expected to launch a concerted effort to steal trade secrets, disrupt services, and execute malicious programs intended to cause infrastructure outages, damages, and worse. One study found a 100% increase in nation-state incidents from 2017 to 2020. And if that’s not nerve wracking enough, we are still dealing with security threats from ransomware, malware and the like.

In today’s interconnected world, anyone and any organization could be a target. That includes operational technology (OT) in the industrial space – a market that has a plethora of soft targets. Unsupported PCs, flat networks with little thought given to security, and old model programmable logic controllers (PLCs) – industrial computers adapted to control the manufacturing process for things such as assembly lines and machines – are ripe for adversaries to compromise, especially as OT and IT converge.

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This article was originally published in May 2022 by TechDecisions. Reprinted with permission of the publisher.

Beau Edelen


Matt Powers
Vice President - Global Technology & Support Services (TSS)
Matt Powers was named Wesco’s VP of Global Technology & Support Services in 2020. He leads a technology team of global engineers who partner with international teams specializing in supporting complex customer applications. Previously, Powers held the role of VP of Global Marketing Technology.