Being Part of Wesco’s Innovation: My Summer Internship

A few weeks into my marketing internship with Wesco and I have had the privilege to witness the 100-year celebration of a company that never stops building. Being a member of this team for even this short period of time has already taught me that this organization is bigger than any one person. It takes a whole army of people from various departments to achieve success. To accomplish this milestone is one that I never thought I would be able to participate in. Yet seeing the constant innovation that the company and fellow employees strive for makes me excited for the future.

Wesco is expanding for the better, so as an intern who is part of the next generation of working professionals, I am lucky to participate in the conversation and exchange of ideas. Not only is growth within the organization happening at an impressive rate, but it is also occurring in the industries that Wesco serves.

Coming into a large, established corporation seemed daunting at first, but it has proven to be far from it. Within the first week, I was introduced to reputable professionals who welcomed me onto the team and provided valuable insight that I currently employ. Starting with the basics – such as learning and understanding who I am working for – has been an integral first step of my job. Knowing that Wesco is a leader in electrical, communications and utility distribution and supply chain services allowed me to confidently grasp the role the organization plays to connect businesses and communities. Since Wesco aims to satisfy all customers with a variety of solutions, there is always new information to learn and knowledge to gain.

From my time in this role so far, an area that I continue to explore and see growth in is the electrical industry. Wesco has given me the opportunity to explore numerous topics related to this industry, showing that our work is crucial for the development of transportation and clean energy. Specifically, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming an ever-growing medium of transit especially due to the increase in gasoline prices, which has made the option of purchasing an EV much more appealing. With the adoption of EVs, fewer carbon dioxide emissions are produced. This, in turn, reduces air pollution, making the environment much cleaner and more sustainable for the community. Wesco has been an expert in the electrical field for many years, meaning that as concepts like EVs are discussed more frequently, we are better equipped to deliver ingenuity.

Another exciting industry that is central to Wesco’s business, as well as our professional and personal lives, is broadband connectivity. Having access to reliable internet is essential for everyday tasks all over the world. With digitalization happening around us, the way we work heavily relies on connecting with one another online. Students need access to the internet for simple tasks such as completing homework assignments and building their professional network via mobile apps. As I become more familiar with Wesco, it allows me to see the impact broadband security has on us in many ways. During my internship, I have been able to participate in the usual activity of sending emails but also have been able to experience meeting colleagues on other continents through virtual meetings. This is a tribute to the company’s dedication of being the best tech-enabled supply chain solutions provider in the world.

The tips and encouraging advice employees have shared with me thus far are invaluable information that I could not have received elsewhere. I have learned to make connections that extend throughout the whole company, ranging from top-level executives all the way to other interns. Everyone I have met and worked with this summer have been more than willing to answer questions and help me progress as a young professional in my role. I view trust and open communication as vital characteristics in an employer, so having the ability to experience Wesco’s welcoming environment opened my eyes to how the organization stays a step ahead of the rest.

In such a transformative period for Wesco, this internship has highlighted the hard work every employee puts forth to better themselves and the company. Not only have I grown personally, but I have built an amazing network of professionals who want me to succeed. I quickly saw that this is the type of encouragement one can expect from working at Wesco. Entering the workforce now allowed me to take part in the advancements being made in this industry and to understand the real-world implications our efforts have on the community. Celebrating our 100-year milestone is no small feat and only reinforced the concept that every team member is valued. Looking forward, the opportunity to be surrounded by individuals who also wish to build, connect, power and protect the world is a feeling that cannot be replicated.

A Legacy of Innovation

Wesco is commemorating its 100th year, the second anniversary of its transformational combination with Anixter, and honoring all of the entities that have joined forces to form the new Wesco.

Pittsburgh city skyline with Wesco corporate office building.

Businesses are increasingly adopting an inclusive, top-down safety management approach. As Ines detailed in the podcast, there are five key benefits to implementing an inclusive safety program:

  1. Improved hazard awareness
  2. Increased employee engagement
  3. Strengthened social and corporate responsibility
  4. Increased profit margin
  5. Regulatory compliance

An inclusive safety management approach is more likely to gain acceptance across an organization. When employees at all levels of the company are involved, it’s much easier to raise safety awareness, demonstrate the importance of workers’ well-being and support the welfare of the entire organization. Companies often build upon their existing safety programs once the full breadth of benefits is realized.

Innovations within the safety tech sector also make it easier for organizations to implement new safety standards. New inventions including advanced PPE, wearable sensors and other IoT solutions provide valuable data that organizations can use to improve efficiency and safety. By harnessing this data, companies can identify risk areas and proactively address safety failures before they become an issue.

Wesco is committed to ensuring occupational safety through our broad portfolio of safety products, solutions and services. Our global team of safety experts provides customized training and consultation programs for companies looking to improve safety and productivity.

Work at Wesco

In addition to Wesco’s vast selection of trusted safety products, we take pride in our broad portfolio of safety services, consulting and training. You can rely on our team of safety experts to create comprehensive, customizable safety solutions to help you improve productivity, increase profitability and mitigate risk.

Rachel Weber


Rachel Weber, Marketing Intern, Wesco