Boost the Productivity of Your Wind and Solar Projects

Canada’s installed wind and solar energy capacity are projected to continue to grow significantly during the coming years. The renewable energy sector is changing at a rapid pace and companies must execute excellent project planning to keep up with the newest innovations.

Wind and solar farms can span hundreds of kilometers. Even though large-scale farms yield more economic benefits, their sheer size can pose a huge challenge when scheduling projects where multiple crews are working on different parts of a construction site. On large construction sites like these, crew members waste time and energy looking for the tools and components they need rather than completing tasks. With that being said, there is a growing need for improved productivity and faster builds. When renewable energy construction projects have tight timelines, time is money.

For project efficiency, workers need to have all their tools and supplies on-site when they need them. But what if a tool or material is missing? When every job requires different hardware, the right supplies are unlikely nearby.  

Wesco and 3M™ can help by building a custom contractor solution. The 3M™ JobBox, an all-in-one-box solution, can be designed with all the needed components in one box. With everything your crew needs within arm’s reach, completing an install from start to finish is easier and more efficient. Our team can offer the best solutions that deal directly with certain components of the project schedule such as agenda, cost, technical and scope issues. We help by foreseeing errors in critical project areas and providing industrial construction services that enable overall project savings, specifically in the area of cable termination and splices.

And this is more than just a box of gear. We work together to understand your complex project and collaboratively problem solve a tailored solution. The custom kit includes the needed components, detailed instructions in your local language, and application support to keep your project on schedule.

Companies from different industries around the world are using our energy intelligent solutions to increase their competitive edge. We have developed a trusted relationship with our customers by supplying tailored solutions and premium performance that have allowed projects to run smoothly without any setbacks.

One of the successes that demonstrates our dedication and reliability was completed in a wind farm project in Alberta. Wesco and 3M™ were asked to provide expertise throughout the entire project’s implementation. Like in any other renewable energy project, determining the right EPC contractor and consulting engineering firm were crucial decisions. After our evaluation, we decided that the 3M™ JobBox was suitable for this project.

Customers are not always sure what to order or quote and creating the right bill of materials upfront could save 10% on costs. In this case, our client was able to save a 10-20% margin on material because of our industry expertise and product knowledge. One hundred percent of the stock the customer received from us was accurate for the job – they avoided order errors, project penalties, overstock, and short stock during installation.

In just two months, we were able to complete the job and save time on-site with prelabeled boxes that corresponded with their job site location. Using 3M’s custom labeling, each kit allowed the EPC contractors to get the right products to the right place quickly and easily.  A renewable energy project was implemented with proven and trusted technology while also ensuring the contractor’s safety and enhancing their productivity.

It becomes apparent that no two issues and no two projects are alike, but your wind and solar projects can meet scheduling requirements with the right components, the right cost, and the right time management skills. The most important step is to engage with us early on in the planning cycle. The best time to start developing a good execution plan is when the schedule comes out for your particular project. Don’t wait for a problem to occur, trust Wesco solutions to deliver ingenuity in project execution.

Jared Meyer


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