Engineers inspecting factory plant.


Volume 2: Automation Insights Series

Building a Plant Modernization Roadmap

To meet the demands of modern manufacturing, companies are looking to replace outdated or obsolete equipment with newer technologies that optimize their processes and equip their people for higher performance and efficiency.

Our March 2024 Automation Insights Webinar is presented by Jason Shapiro, a senior specialist on the Wesco Automation Solutions team. He outlines the drivers and benefits of modernization, the phases of building a modernization roadmap, and the three approaches to modernization.

During this presentation, you’ll also learn about:

  1. Specific switchgear modernization paths
  2. Utilizing virtual/augmented reality to troubleshoot and maintain equipment
  3. Automated maintenance solutions available through Wesco
  4. Product lifecycle announcements
  5. Upcoming Wesco trainings and events


Nathan Daley


Nathan Daley - Specialist, Industrial Automation
Nathan Daley is a member of the Wesco Automation Solutions team, supporting Rockwell Automation’s authorized sales locations. He joined Wesco in 2018, becoming one of a select few distributor sales reps to complete Rockwell’s sales training program. Nathan also provides technical support for variable frequency drives and motor control center and motion projects.

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