Building Smart City Infrastructure in the UK

Wesco partners with UK-based tech infrastructure company to take their large-scale broadband project from vision to completion.

The Power of Broadband Connectivity

Connexin is a UK-based technology company specializing in building and operating award-winning smart city infrastructure to support the Internet of Things (IoT).  In the fall of 2020, Connexin received major funding to further strengthen its position and to become the leader in the smart infrastructure and IoT sector. Their expanded network will support the demand for smart networks in cities throughout the UK and enable better connectivity, as well as delivering smarter, more efficient services to communities.  This will open up tremendous business opportunities and deliver new service offerings that will improve the lives of citizens throughout the country.

In 2021, Connexin began building a new full-fiber network to provide homes and businesses with access to ultra and hyper-fast broadband at a competitive price. This new 10 Gbps-capable fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband network is being rolled out across parts of northern England. With many customers pre-registered for their service, they are rapidly scaling up build and delivery teams to meet demand. They’re also expanding their network footprint to provide better connected communities throughout the UK.

Partnerships Propel Broadband Expansion

Launching a broadband network is a huge opportunity that can transform communities, but it’s also filled with challenges and roadblocks. It involves careful planning, juggling dozens of vendors, and managing all of the complexities involved in the daily operations of a large project rollout.

Connexin knew they needed to scale up their operational processes to keep the project on target and deliver on their promise to their customers. Partnering with a proven supply chain solutions provider would eliminate uncertainty and provide the single-source accountability and proven expertise needed to ensure their project was successful.

Connexin was looking for a turnkey supply chain solutions partner who had extensive technical, business and broadband project management experience.  They needed a partner who could analyze their operations data, continue to optimize their standard procedures, and handle complex management requirements. Connexin chose Wesco to assist them in navigating their broadband journey and take their project from vision to completion.

Why Wesco?

Building a new fiber broadband network requires careful planning and each segment can vary in materials, regulations, geography, size and scale.  Having an experienced partner like Wesco assume responsibility and accountability for the day-to day project management of this large-scale rollout allows Connexin to focus on their core business and ongoing growth objectives. As a supply chain solutions partner, Wesco:

  • Delivers optimum cost of acquisition in support of growth objectives
  • Optimizes operational efficiencies
  • Provides P&L improvements to stakeholders
  • Delivers logistics, project management and integration expertise

Moving Forward to Bridge the Digital Divide

As part of their supply chain solutions partnership with Connexin, Wesco is supporting them with their FTTP, IoT and PPE requirements. From customizable solutions for individual services to complete turnkey implementation processes, Wesco is helping Connexin streamline processes and efficiently launch their full fiber network. Wesco solutions include:

  • Single-source accountability
  • Access to key suppliers and inventory
  • Procurement sourcing and supplier consolidation
  • Designated project management team
  • Inventory management
  • Just-in-time material management for on-site delivery
  • Customized reporting
  • Product enhancement and packaging
  • Logistical management and support
  • Smarter technology options to maintain stocking levels
  • Collaboration in forecasting, planning and capacity management
  • Reliable and transparent costing and scheduling
  • e-Commerce
  • Project staging for final mile deliveries

To keep the project running smoothly, Wesco is using a company that provides secure collection points where field service engineers and teams can have access to field inventory. Connexin places orders for equipment and consumables, and they are delivered the next day to a dedicated suite of lockers located near the build location. This ensures that equipment and supplies remain housed in secure locations while eliminating delivery interruptions and delays.

This collaborative partnership between Connexin and Wesco provides a roadmap for future smart city infrastructure implementations that will boost businesses and improve the lives of citizens.

Donna Yates


Donna Yates
Donna Yates is a freelance writer, with over 25 years of experience in the generation of marketing strategy, programs and collateral that is specifically focused on the utility, broadband, global service provider and wireless markets.

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