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How Connected Safety Can Unlock Warehouse Safety

Using connected safety helps to ensure compliance with OSHA’s latest NEP, protect workers, boost efficiency, and can prevent safety issues before they become safety incidents.

What happens when you combine labor shortages, supply chain disruptions and an increasing number of construction projects? For safety managers around the globe, that adds up to a growing number of workplace safety incidents.

While the top 10 OSHA citation rankings remained relatively unchanged from the year prior, overall citation numbers across the board increased in 2023. As businesses across numerous industries continue to struggle to remain compliant, OSHA stepped in a recent National Emphasis Program (NEP) focusing specifically on warehouses and distribution centers. This NEP, announced in July 2023, aims to reduce current injury rates in this space, which in some sectors occur at more than twice the rate of that in private industry. 

Safety hazards in warehouses and across distribution centers are abundant and wide-ranging. Some commonly seen risks center around forklift accidents and injuries; the often-invisible ergonomic injuries; as well as slips, trips, and falls. But there are others such as falling objects, hand lacerations, PPE compliance, and heat stress that can impact workers as well. These hazards are not unique to these environments, but the breadth and depth of hazards within a warehouse is what makes the environment particularly challenging. 

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This article was originally published by OH&S. Reprinted with permission of the publisher.

Lorenza Ordonez


Lorenza Ordonez, Director of Global Safety Sales, Wesco
With decades of expertise in safety, strategic market analysis, and sales management, Lorenza Ordonez serves as the Director of Safety Sales for Wesco's Communications and Security Solutions (CSS) strategic business unit. She empowers the CSS organization to deliver comprehensive safety solutions for Wesco's global customers.

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