Navigating Digital Transformation with Wesco

Business processes are digitalizing across all industries, as companies continue to harness the potential of IoT enabled technologies. Digital transformation promises to revolutionize safety, equipment monitoring, the customer experience and more. While today’s business executives know that digital transformation is fundamental to remaining competitive, the majority don’t feel prepared for this monumental shift. Successful implementation involves a well-planned strategy, technical expertise and a capable partner for the journey.

As your trusted digital transformation advisor, Wesco supports your business during each stage of the journey. Along with world-class supplier partners like Eaton, we offer a consultative collaboration to understand your challenges and goals and provide practical solutions. Wesco and Eaton have been industry-leading partners for decades and bring a wealth of proven industry solutions to our customers. Our broad portfolio of products, automation and IoT solutions and advisory services enables us to drive top- and bottom-line improvements. Wesco refers to this as “ingenuity delivered” – building customized, innovative solutions with tangible results.

Digital transformation can be complex, but Wesco’s advisory services allow us to focus on customer challenges to provide solutions that leverage technology to build organizational goals with digital outcomes, and help your process evolve from reactive to proactive and predictive to prescriptive.

Matt Powers, Vice President, Technology and Support Services, Wesco

Industrial business leaders are often constrained by multiple siloed systems and technologies. By leveraging connected digital tools, businesses can use captured data to improve operational efficiency and inform insights. It takes time to achieve transformation, but digitalization ultimately increases productivity, extends equipment life and drives new revenue streams, giving your business a competitive advantage.

Wesco is positioned to be your trusted digital transformation advisor as the industry evolves. 

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Wesco’s advisory services.  

Using the latest technologies and infrastructure solutions, Wesco's advisory services help companies implement Lean practices, optimize supply chains, improve safety, and digitally transform their workplaces.

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Matt Powers
Matt Powers is the Vice President of Global Technology & Support Services (TSS) at Wesco. He leads a technology team of over 70 global engineers who partner with international teams specializing in supporting complex customer applications.