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Powering Efficient and Resilient Data Centers

Overcome Power Challenges Today and in the Future With the APC NetShelter Rack PDU

In the fast-paced world of data centers, efficiency and reliability are paramount. The ever-increasing demands for computing power and the exponential growth of digital infrastructure pose significant challenges for businesses. Downtime, delayed deployments, and power density constraints have become all too familiar in this landscape. Our evolving IT landscape continually requires new equipment and applications, more capacity, and constant connectivity.

Power distribution adds a layer of complexity to IT deployments. Every device needs the right amount of power and right type of outlet. Adding or upgrading PDUs slows down deployment and can create unexpected costs. By choosing a rack PDU that helps you simplify data center planning, you’ll be better prepared for the future.

How Does Netshelter Rack PDU Advanced Benefit You?

NetShelter Rack PDU Advanced helps you simplify data center planning with a 4-in-1 outlet and higher-density load capacity, so you can deploy IT faster and deliver more power to each rack with minimized downtime.

What Challenges Does NetShelter Rack PDU Advanced Solve?

Equipment Deployment Speed

A unique 4-in-1 outlet design delivers extreme flexibility so data center managers can deploy the same PDU for almost all types of equipment and applications, simplifying data center planning and speeding up execution.

Increasing Power Density Requirements

Easily handle high-density loads with up to 2X the outlets and 50% more power than other APC PDUs. Be ready to expand capacity quickly with a ready-to-go PDU no matter what equipment you need to deploy.


Unique redundancy features and a live-swappable network management card help you keep the data running even if a network goes down or there is an NMC power event.

What Benefits Does NetShelter Rack PDU Advanced Provide?

4-in-1 Outlet for Increased Flexibility
  • Use the 4-in-1 outlet as any of these outlet types: C13, C15, C19, and C21
  • Simplify IT planning—no need to select different types of PDUs for different types of equipment
  • Be ready for future expansion without needing to know what types of outlets you’ll need
  • Avoid delays and unplanned costs if plug requirements change mid-project—use the PDUs you already ordered

More Power

Fit more power into each rack with up to 48 outlets and 34.6 kW of power on one PDU. The slim design makes it even easier to add more PDUs to the same rack.

60°C Operating Temperature

The ability to operate at higher temperatures helps to protect costly equipment from downtime.

1% Metering Accuracy

Cloud and service providers can know exactly how much power each outlet uses for more accurate customer billing.

Embrace the Future With NetShelter Rack PDU

With APC's NetShelter Rack PDU Advanced, businesses can embrace a future of increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and simplified data center planning, ensuring a resilient power distribution system that can keep up with the evolving IT landscape.

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