Secure the Glass: Solutions for Glass Doors and Openings

Three to five years ago, natural light in the workplace and the use of glass for entrances, office doors and conference rooms was an exciting and emerging trend. Fast-forward to today and the importance of daylighting in the workspace is no longer a trend but an expectation. Competition from the comfort and convenience of work-from-home offices as well as the need to balance hybrid models and hot desking have fueled a strong demand for more modern, sleek and collaborative work environments. Glass solutions can contribute to the health and wellness of employees as these products support a safe and secure workspace and provides functional design.

The Importance of Daylighting

Daylighting refers to the process of bringing natural light into a building through windows, skylights and interior glass. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light helps improve health and happiness, increases productivity and enhances overall well-being. In a recent survey conducted by the HR advisory firm Future Works, views of the outdoors and natural light outranked other perks like on-site fitness centers, cafeterias and childcare. The same study found that workers in a daylight office environment had a 51% drop in eyestrain, 63% drop in headaches and 56% reduction in tiredness – directly resulting in fewer sick days and increased productivity. In addition to the wellness of employees, daylighting can also help decrease total building energy costs by almost a third.

A Safe and Compliant Workspace

Safety and compliance continue to evolve as building codes and standards are updated. The need for access control continues to grow and occupants are more aware of low-touch and touchless solutions to enter doorways. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, there is an array of different technologies that can meet your needs for quality, code compliance, design, functionality and budget.

Functional Design

Take a minute to think about how many door openings you walk through within your building each day. Are they welcoming and inviting? Are they open and airy?

As new spaces are constructed, beauty and functionality are at the forefront of their designs. Glass allows for an open space and straight line of vision. When coupled with coordinated hardware suites with door levers, pulls, doorstops, coat hooks, hinges and trim, these openings create a holistic atmosphere where function meets form, and beautiful glass doors and hardware can deliver security and meet building requirements—without sacrificing design.

Whether you are a healthcare or educational facility, retail shop, hotel, shared workspace or an office, glass is the perfect solution for modern and collaborative workspaces.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of ASSA ABLOY. They do not necessarily represent Wesco's views.

Secure the Glass: Solutions for Glass Doors and Openings

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