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Strategies to Meet Changing Data Center Infrastructure Demands

Navigating today's data center challenges is complex. Learn how a robust supply chain, cloud elasticity, new markets, and sustainability can help future-proof operations.

Data center infrastructures are near a breaking point, as facilities struggle to meet the capacity demands of existing workloads as well as the additional requirements of newer, advanced technologies. Whether it’s a hyperscale, a multi-tenant data center (MTDC), or an in-office network closet, data center operators can’t ignore these challenges. Yet while they need to get this right, many still find it hard to make effective planning decisions.

What’s needed is a new approach, one that ensures adequate capacity within budget while allowing them to meet sustainability objectives.

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This article was originally published by Data Center Knowledge. Reprinted with permission of the publisher.

Matt Powers


Matt Powers
Matt Powers was named Wesco’s VP of Global Technology & Support Services in 2020. He leads a technology team of global engineers who partner with international teams specializing in supporting complex customer applications. Previously, Powers held the role of VP of Global Marketing Technology.

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