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Summer is Upgrade and Retrofit Season

The last school bell of spring means the focus on our students comes from a different angle. Efforts shift to assessing the progress that was made over the past year and planning for the upcoming fall. It’s also time for facility upgrades that have been waiting for classrooms and halls to clear so we can make learning environments safer and improve convenience and security.   

Many schools across the country still have locking hardware on classroom doors from an era when securing the classroom door from the hallway was acceptable. As active shooter tragedies translated into policy changes and drills; quickly securing, or confirming the door was properly locked, became a very serious issue. Lock status indicators inside the classroom were rare, and checking the lock’s status during an emergency meant potentially putting people in harm’s way if a teacher had to step out of the room to test the lever. 

Fortunately, progress is being made and momentum has picked up considerably to ensure classrooms now have hardware that can be locked from either side of the door. Better yet are those that come with status indicators that unmistakably show when a door is locked, such as Corbin Russwin ML2000 Series and SARGENT 8200 Series mortise locks. 

These indicators have displays that are 25% larger and more prominent than the industry average, with clearer readability and more visible colors, as well as a curved design that lets those in the room see the indicator window from up to a 180-degree angle.

But it’s the reassurance and first line of defense that an indicator lock brings that’s so important when there’s a threat nearby.

It's simple and effective to enhance the security and privacy of a room with an existing mortise lock using retrofit or upgrade kits. These kits come with a choice of sectional or escutcheon trim, and you can opt for indicator windows on one or both sides of the door. They are available in a variety of colors, graphic designs, texts, and languages to suit your preferences.

Along with classrooms, this simple, highly visible solution is ideal for restrooms, quiet rooms, conference rooms, and other applications where it is important to clearly see if a door is locked or unlocked, or if a room is vacant or occupied. When you need to guarantee your privacy, safety, and peace of mind, don't be caught off-guard. Look no further than status indicators by Corbin Russwin and SARGENT.

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Upgrade Your Security to Improve Classroom Safety


This article was brought to you in partnership with Assa Abloy.
Assa Abloy develops products that combine safety and security with beauty, efficiency, and innovation. Their opening solutions, hardware, controls, and smart locks make spaces safer without sacrificing aesthetics. Wesco partners with ASSA ABLOY to offer builders and businesses the resources they need to plan and execute projects that protect and beautify the world.

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