The Power of Data Visibility in Plant Maintenance


Volume 3: Automation Insights

The Power of Data Visibility in Plant Maintenance

Data is everywhere in today’s manufacturing plants, yet it’s still often underutilized. In our May 2024 Automation Insights Webinar, Wesco’s Nathan Daly discusses the types of data sources available on the plant floor and outlines how that data can be used to improve operations.

This presentation covers:

  • The four main types of data sources available within a plant
  • How to determine if you have the right kind of data to achieve an end goal
  • Potential uses of data in maintenance applications


Nathan Daley


Nathan Daley - Specialist, Industrial Automation
Nathan Daley is a member of the Wesco Automation Solutions team, supporting Rockwell Automation’s authorized sales locations. He joined Wesco in 2018, becoming one of a select few distributor sales reps to complete Rockwell’s sales training program. Nathan also provides technical support for variable frequency drives and motor control center and motion projects.

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