Wesco’s Wearables Pilot Program Reduced Warehouse Hazards

As the market continues to grow for wearable devices, businesses in the industrial space have been getting creative on how to apply this technology within their workspaces and use the data and tech to decrease warehouse hazards and improve employee wellness. In 2021, Wesco’s corporate health and safety team assessed how wearables could be leveraged to ensure safety and reduce risk within our warehouses.

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This article was originally published by OH&S. Reprinted with permission of the publisher.

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Penney Phipps


Penney Phipps
Penney Phipps has been with Wesco for 22 years, managing the safety program for the last 12 years. As the Senior Director of Global EHSS+ EPC, Penney manages a team that works with locations across 50 different countries to ensure that compliance elements are met, as well as global environmental, health and safety, sustainability management system guidelines are followed.