40% Labor Savings for a Large Scale Solar Project


An electrical contractor was challenged with building a 630,000 MW project  spanning 13 miles; which is one of the largest solar projects in the U.S. Completing such a massive project on time and under budget  required ingenuity.


Wesco developed a unique solution to install the Direct Current Feeder cables. Cables were cut to exact length onto our proprietary Solar Insta-reels. Pre-installed pulling heads were mounted on each conductor. 16 solar reels on a flatbed trailer allowed for all cables to be pulled simultaneously directly from the trailer. 


  • Contractor realized a 40% reduction in labor
  • By utilizing Solar Insta-reels, the feeder installation was completed 2 months ahead of schedule
  • Contractor excelled at project execution and is well positioned for future projects

Solar Solutions

At Wesco, we partner with the world’s industry-leading providers of sustainability products and solutions, including manufacturers of solar photovoltaic modules, inverters, racking, balance of systems (BOS) and energy storage. These partnerships, along with our unique supply chain value proposition, have made us a vendor of choice for residential and commercial contractors, installers, and utilities.