Fortune 100 Online Retailer Saves Over $1 Million with Safety Inspection ManagerSM

A Fortune 100 online retailer implemented Safety Inspection Manager (SIM), achieving a 70% reduction in inspection times across its fulfillment centers. These efficiency gains and compliance savings translated into over $1 million in annual savings, prompting a rapid, organization-wide rollout of SIM.

Labor Cost Savings

$750,000 was saved annually with SIM cutting inspection-related labor
time by 70%, equating to 15,000 hours saved at scale.

Compliance Fine Reduction

$300,000 in potential OSHA fines was avoided annually by preventing just four violations across 50 sites with SIM's compliance monitoring.

Lives Saved

1,000 lives were safeguarded annually across warehouses with SIM, by significantly improving safety equipment defect detection and preventing potential accidents.

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As the landscape of workplace safety continues to evolve, businesses are leveraging New technologies to improve worker health and safety, increase operational efficiency, mitigate risk, and manage compliance.

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