ASR Achieves Sustainability Goals with Wesco


ASR Group, a Wesco customer for 15+ years, has traditionally partnered with us for procurement in MRO and safety products. Starting around 2018, we began having conversations about their sustainability initiatives, especially those that emphasized decarbonization.

ASR publicly announced that they would be cutting scope one and two emissions in half by 2030, with the goal of carbon neutrality in global operations by 2040. The customer understood that their expertise was within the sugar-making business, so they needed to rely on partners to bear the burden of turnkey energy solutions and project management. Wesco worked with ASR’s sustainability team to brainstorm ideas for energy reduction projects.


The optimal solutions for the sugar mills and refineries to maximize both CO2 reduction and financial payback were LED lighting retrofit projects. Wesco Energy Solutions has planned and implemented LED lighting upgrades within the commercial and industrial sector for over 50 years. On this project, Wesco worked with ASR to target the refineries, which were high on their list for updated lighting. To integrate procurement with our turnkey solutions, we developed a lighting playbook which was reviewed and approved by ASR’s internal engineering, quality and EHS teams. The playbook was the guide for lighting replacements, which helped consolidate part numbers, identify which legacy system most closely matched recommended replacements and identified solutions by use (high bay, low bay, wallpack, etc.) for the ease of integration by both engineers and maintainers.

These retrofits include:

  • Investment-grade lighting audits of the existing facility
  • Lighting design
  • Strategic product sourcing
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Utility rebate applications
  • Recycling
  • Complete project management

As part of each project proposal, the customer received not only the energy and maintenance-associated cost savings, but also the internal cost benefit of CO2e removal that ASR holds for each utility territory. Further, incentives were managed through closure with the issuing body and commissioning documents organized into a closing packet, which also details "as built." This provides evidence for tax purposes and procedural documents that may be used to activate any applicable warrantees with Wesco’s continued support into the foreseeable future.

Benefits ASR captured through these upgrades:

  • Bulk pricing discounts on lighting material and labor as compared to ad hoc replacements.
  • Minimizing of SAP part numbers required for lighting products on ASR’s internal system.
  • Utilizing incentive capture which helps to enhance project financial payback.
  • Warranty consolidation through Wesco once product has been installed. One form for all light fixtures as they require warranty fulfillment.

Achieving Energy and Cost Savings


Wesco successfully planned and managed these turnkey projects for ASR around the globe simultaneously, while providing outstanding customer service.

Benefits ASR captured through these upgrades:
Wesco secured bulk pricing discounts on lighting material and labor as compared to ad hoc replacements. We were able to minimize SAP part numbers required for lighting products on ASR’s internal system. Wesco utilized incentive capture which helped to enhance project financial payback. Finally, we secured warranty consolidation through Wesco once products had been installed. This required one form for all light fixtures as they required warranty fulfillment.

ASR has been impressed with the Energy Solutions team and continues to add sites to their pipeline of projects. There are also additional sustainability solutions that ASR is considering to continue their path of decarbonization.

To describe any global innovation plan, when done correctly, with all stakeholders represented - from the users, to the planners, to the buyers, to the accountants, to the community - as 'challenging' would be an understatement. However, Wesco has been our subject matter expert to do just that, with great success.

Dr. Daryl Sabourin, Sr. Director, Sustainability, ASR Group

Lighting retrofit in a manufacturer factory commercial warehouse.

Achieve Your Sustainability and Efficiency Goals

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