ATD is Getting Plugged in to EV


American Tire Distributor (ATD) is ramping up its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy. After posting notable ESG results for 2021, they are focused on achieving year-over-year reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and achieving a net positive impact on the communities they serve, the environment and the global economy.


At the forefront of their efforts is converting their 1,500 fleet vehicles to Electric Vehicles (EVs). Based upon our longstanding relationship with ATD, we were offered the opportunity to assist with this project. We began with a single location, understanding that if this went well, others would follow. Nonetheless, each location would require a two-step process: preparing the building and changing over the fleet.


Wesco supported ATD with the design, product and electrical infrastructure procurement, installation and commissioning. The project included four (4) dual-head level 2 chargers resulting in eight (8) total charging ports. The team was able to utilize the existing available electrical capacity from the building and ran new circuits out to the curb in two (2) different locations.

Wesco: Your EV Solutions Provider

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As the building was undergoing a major refresh, electrical access was made easier. This project is one step in ATD’s overall plan to lower its carbon footprint and support its employees and customer base with EV charging options.

Our team continues to work with ATD to help them fully realize their EV goal across their enterprise of properties.


Wesco Energy Solutions has cemented its place as a sustainability thought leader and partner for ATD. The corporate roll-out of EV chargers has been a welcome addition to their freshly renovated headquarters. This initial installation has laid the foundation for evaluating electrification of their fleet across North America and further conversation regarding partnership to help them establish and deliver on their ESG goals.

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