Battery Recycling Plant Optimized With Automation Solutions


A fast-moving start-up company that created a closed loop, domestic supply chain for recycled batteries experienced production inefficiencies when  tackling an expansion project that required the frequent tweaking of designs  and more readily available automation solutions. These challenges resulted  in decreased production and unplanned down time. This start-up was seeking a local presence and support from a distributor with more complex supply chain solutions. 


Wesco, in collaboration with Siemens, offered the end user versatility and flexibility to build custom solutions to meet their fast-changing designs and streamline production. Wesco was able to provide trusted advisors via our  local dedicated sales representation, technical expertise utilizing support  from our automation specialists and commercial excellence to automate a process to increase efficiency. The solution put in place included Siemens  G120x Drives, PLC’s, panel boards, push buttons and contactors in addition to Wesco’s personnel and expertise.

Customer Outcomes

  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Reduced downtime
  • Streamlined expansion
  • Optimized business processes
  • Reduced carbon footprint


By utilizing Wesco’s strong partnership with Siemens and providing comprehensive solutions, the automation end user now experiences  increased operational efficiencies, reduction in downtime and expansions executed in a smooth and timely manner that streamlines go to market and business optimization.

EV Charging Installation and Infrastructure

Wesco has the expertise and partnerships to assist with the complete project scope with a wide selection of charging units, design of networks and storage, assistance for grant writing and local/state/national incentive programs, and software for network monitoring and load balance.