Better Lighting Quality Helps District Reduce Costs

Customer: A suburban school district and a leading ESCO


The school district located north of Charlotte, NC includes a preschool, four elementary schools, two middle schools, and a high school as well as a career center and administration building. The district worked with a leading ESCO and Wesco Energy Solutions to improve lighting quality while reducing their energy costs.


A custom design was created for each location. This often included a complex configuration of three-way switches combined with occupancy sensors. All work was done at night to avoid disrupting school activities until the pandemic closed schools. We kept working throughout to finish on time and on budget. All in all, we were able to stay flexible and ahead of schedule.


  • 4,090 fixtures were replaced with energy efficient LEDs
  • Retrofit produced an annual cost savings of $179,625.87
  • 1,423,257 kWh in annual energy savings
  • Wesco Energy Solutions rebate team delivered $85,619 in incentives
  • Project return on investment of 20% annually

We Earned an A+

Wesco Energy Solutions did an excellent job with project execution. They earned our highest rating and are recommended for additional ESCO work. The development team was easy to work with and made quick adjustments as needed. This helped us not miss a beat and keep the project on track.

Lighting Solutions

Wesco lighting offers a full range of products and solutions to improve the quality of your school district’s lighting while reducing your energy costs. Wesco can provide a local, dedicated point of contact backed by a team of experts to assist with engaging lighting agents, scope development, project management, and operational execution.