Bottler Saves $97,063 in One Year with a LED Retrofit

Customer: Coca-Cola Consolidated - Hanover, MD



Wesco has been helping Coca-Cola Consolidated—the largest Coca-Cola bottler in the United States — upgrade six of their facilities across the country.  The Wesco Energy Solutions team partnered with Coca-Cola Consolidated and the site’s property manager, CBRE, to maximize available tenant improvement funds while updating the lighting throughout  the facility. 


Our team created a custom design utilizing LED lighting technology to provide the best outcome for all parties. The custom design focused on updating fixtures with LED and relocating fixtures to improve the ceiling grid and the look of their facility. This retrofit utilized Lithonia high-bay fixtures to dramatically decrease monthly energy usage (great for Coca-Cola Consolidated). It also increases the value of the property (beneficial to CBRE). Truly a win-win for all involved.


  • Payback: 2.05 yrs.
  • Energy Reduction: 910,898 kWh
  • Demand Reduction: 86.3 kW
  • Total Annual Saving: $97,063
  • 10-Year. Cumulative Savings:$771,587
  • Quantified results that contributed to company Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) goals

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