Fast Food Chain Consolidates Electrical Equipment to Reduce Costs


In small retail locations, real estate is at a premium. Typically these locations take power from outside the building. It is sent to the switchboard and then channeled to panels and finally pushed to various equipment. This configuration allows numerous problems to arise. The cost of installing these components can be very expensive and if there is an issue, troubleshooting can be tedious and frustrating. In addition, panelboards can be accessed by employees creating safety risks. This is especially true in the restaurant industry where there is no shortage of hazards. When one of the largest restaurants in North America was re-designing a space in one of their locations, they reached out to Wesco to voice concerns over the need for a reduced electrical footprint, easier and cost-effective installation and an increase in safety.


Our team surveyed the available space and found that instead of using the traditional approach to running power, we could consolidate components and isolate them into a single location. Wesco leveraged Eaton’s Integrated Facility Systems (IFS) switchboard. The IFS switchboard integrates electrical distribution components that are traditionally separate and control equipment into a single, space-saving, factory-assembled product. This makes installation and running power substantially easier for a technician, and greatly reduces potential points of error. Additionally, the IFS switchboard is kept in a locked room so its security is never compromised.


Installation costs have declined compared to locations without this system, as approximately 40% of their planned interior modifications involve relocating at least one panel. It also allowed them to design a more efficient installation of their planned EMS system by having it integrated into one area. What started as a change to a single location soon spread. Additional sites saw the benefits that the IFS solution provided. There are now dozens of locations across Western Canada utilizing this solution, with plans to expand into Ontario in 2023 and beyond.



Food business with many sites across Canada


  • Minimize electrical footprint
  • Increase speed to market and total costs


Installation of IFS solution to consolidate components into a single secure location


  • Reduced costs by 40% for interior renovations due to reduced footprint
  • IFS solution specified across Western Canada and into Ontario


Wesco offers a broad electrical portfolio and unequaled expertise, helping our customers operate their businesses more efficiently and profitably.