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Enclosure Cooling Solution Prevents Costly Downtime


An American manufacturing company that produces packaging for consumer goods was experiencing excessive downtime and product failures due to overheating electrical control cabinets.


Wesco partnered with our supplier nVent to execute a thermal audit. This is a complimentary service Wesco and nVent offer to customers that provides a temperature/thermal analysis of the facility, individual enclosures, and cabinets. A thermal audit quickly identifies problem areas and offers compelling evidence of excess heat that can affect performance and potentially damage critical equipment. We then recommend enclosure heating and cooling solutions to help maximize uptime and reduce maintenance costs.

Our Process

Supported by Wesco’s local area nVent Hoffman sales representative and outfitted with the latest thermal cameras from FLIR, we provided an in-depth study of the situation. Our team members evaluated different areas and specific enclosures that were experiencing failures, high heat, or excessive downtime. Ambient temperature was measured from 3 feet outside of the enclosure, and internal thermal scans and surface area measurements of the enclosure were also completed. Once all data was gathered on-site, nVent’s Hoffman Cooling Selection Tool was utilized. The BTUs needed for that specific application were then calculated, and the voltage requirements and location of installation were identified. These findings were outlined in a customer-specific report, highlighting side by side thermal comparison pictures so the problem areas were clearly identified.


As a result of the new nVent enclosure cooling solution, the customer can now isolate problems before they occur and maximize overall equipment efficiency (OEE). Wesco was able to help the customer avoid $28,000 in downtime costs for each instance there is a critical part failure due to high temperatures.


American packaging manufacturer

Overheating electrical control cabinets were causing costly periods of downtime.

Wesco partnered with nVent to conduct a thermal audit. The nVent Hoffman Cooling Selection Tool was used to determine the optimal enclosure cooling solution.

The customer can now isolate issues before they occur, preventing overheating. The result is a reduction in downtime costs, including:

  • $3,600 lost gross profit per incident
  • $7,102 lost labor costs per incident
  • $17,250 cost to restart operations after each incident

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