End-To-End Enterprise Network Management Solution


A global hyperscale technology company with data centers across the United States, Europe and Singapore faced inventory management issues and difficulty in renewing warranties for enterprise network management hardware. They sought a service provider capable of providing RMA (replacement and warranty renewals) support at multiple data center and colocations worldwide. A critical requirement was finding a service provider who could act as a single point of contact and provide all these services collectively.


Wesco’s partnership with a local OEM provider allowed us to collaborate and provide console switches across five different SKUs within a single product line. This facilitated out of band management remote hardware access for the customer. Where the local OEM provider lacked a global presence, they leveraged Wesco’s global scale to stock product locally in the customer warehouses around the world. Wesco provided global RMA service for over 58,000 assets across 2,700 locations minimizing global costs for the customer and OEM provider.


Wesco’s global team streamlined and simplified the enterprise networking hardware support process as the customer’s single point of contact while collaborating directly with the OEM as an advisory partner. Wesco provided uninterrupted service with zero downtime for over 58,000 assets globally, allowing the customer to rapidly scale.


Hyperscale technology company


  • Global challenges managing inventory and warranty renewals


  • Single point of contact for RMA support worldwide
  • Local warehouse stock with material available in-country


  • Uninterrupted service with zero downtime for over 58,000 assets
  • Streamlined customer process for server hardware support
  • Global service at 2,700+ locations, allowing the customer to rapidly scale


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