Energy Management


An automotive parts manufacturer needed a high-level energy management strategy for multiple facilities to identify energy and cost-saving opportunities. The manufacturer was experiencing high volumes of energy waste and large utility charges from machine operation, due in part to a low-power factor and improper energy use.


Wesco began with a comprehensive audit to identify energy and cost-saving opportunities for the customer’s two facilities, including a detailed energy analysis of where the energy was being consumed. This was used to identify and develop energy efficiency measures. Using details from utility invoices, we also established a consumption baseline to compute future energy and cost savings. Together, these revealed significant potential improvements and energy-saving opportunities including:

  • Energy contract termination
  • Reducing global adjustment charges
  • Power factor correction
  • Integrating lighting controls


The energy audit identified opportunities with air compressors, chillers, press motors and capacitor banks. Additionally, the findings also identified significant waste in aged press motors making them extremely inefficient and operating without controls. By implementing the recommendations the manufacturer is expected to reduce operating costs by $472,000 annually and reduce annual energy use by 3.8 GWh. The projects had a payback period of less than 8 months.


An automotive parts manufacturer.

A high-level energy management strategy to identify energy cost savings and overcome energy waste.

A comprehensive audit, survey and analysis identified numerous energy efficiency opportunities and cost-saving measures that resulted in:

  • 35% energy savings
  • $472,000 annual energy savings
  • 3.8GWH annual energy savings